"For people who want to give church a second chance." This is not to assume that Church has failed man, rather it is that we, as man, have so often failed to live up to the Biblical image God has of His Church.

We desire to see Generation Church become all that God desires His Church to be. In doing so we must ask ourselves, are we willing to let God define His church His way, or will we stubbornly hold onto some religious, traditional man-made conception of His church.

  • We believe Generation Church is a community of believers living life together, growing in Faith and Christlikeness as we live for and daily follow Christ.

  • We believe the church is people following Christ. It does not revolve around buildings, programs or personality but people gathered together to seek God.

  • Church for us is not limited to what we do here on Sunday morning. We have to learn we are the church Monday through Saturday.